This method is sort of like lightening in a bottle… and next to no one is implementing what I’m talking about in quite this way. That fact can put you way, way ahead of the competition, no matter what your line of business and no matter which niche you’re in. You’re in business already (or you’re preparing yourself to enter into that journey). So you should know, or perhaps you already know, that the more content you have out on the web branding you and your business, the better. And you have the very best of intentions on getting a lot of content out on the web. You know you need to write a lot of content if you want to grow your business. But the thought of doing that can be very overwhelming. Writing articles, writing blog posts, recording podcast episodes, creating videos to distribute on YouTube… it’s a lot. So, even though you have the very best of intentions, all of that often falls by the wayside. You get distracted or waste time and end up not following through on your content goals at all— if you’ve even set content goals in the first place. The 5X10 method is designed to fix all of that. It’s all about breaking it down and making it inevitable that you can quickly and easily create the sort of content you need to create to grow your business. Not only that, but you’ll have fun and feel extra motivated while doing it. That’s what you’ve been hoping for, right?


  • The No Fail 5X10 Content Mastery Method

  • How Content Helps Drive Traffic

  • Perceived Expertise

  • Increase Your Income

  • Create Massive Amounts

  • Plan and Implement

  • Creating 10 Articles

  • Creating 10 Blog Posts

  • Creating 10 Podcasts

  • Creating 10 YouTube Videos

  • Creating 10 Social Campaigns

  • Repurposing Content

  • Growing You Business

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Laurance Jogn

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